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JFN / SFN International : Allaitement maternel

Session commune
vendredi 27 novembre 2020 - 14h30 - 15h30 - LIVE 1
Maternal nutrition and composition of breast milk
Dominique TURCK (Lille)
The role of environmental chemicals in breastfeeding and infant development
Amalie TIMMERMANN (Odense)
Environmental chemicals pose two main treats to breastfeeding. 1) Chemicals might affect lactation and thus interfere with the mother’s ability to breastfeed sufficiently, and 2) If the mother do breastfeed, chemicals can be transferred from the mother to the infant and put the infant at risk of a number of adverse health effects.
Maternal gut and breast milk microbiota
Samuli RAUTAVA (Turku)
Breastfeeding practices and recommendations in Sweden: a model for Europe ?
Elisabeth STOLTZ-SJÖSTROM (Umeå)